Superannuation is essentially a tax-effective method of saving for your retirement. For many of us, it is the largest asset we have, apart from our homes.

With many different methods of contribution and increasing complexity surrounding the legislation superannuation is important to “get right” if you want to achieve your wealth goals. It’s important to form a strategy to make the most of the tax concessions and financial incentives.

At Aspire2 we can help with choosing an appropriate fund, maximising your super balance, minimising tax, salary packaging and developing your retirement income streams.

Investment advice

A smart investor takes the time to consider their investment goals and understand the principles of investing before choosing investments that align with their needs, goals and attitude to risk.

At Aspire2 our financial planners can help you create a personalised plan tailored to your financial situation and goals, from the most sophisticated investors to mum and pop we can develop an investment strategy that will meet your needs, using a mixture of cash, fixed interest, equity, property and managed funds to develop a portfolio that appropriately matches your risk tolerance to ensure you’re appropriately diversified.


Without appropriate consideration to the risk of serious illness, disablement or death the best financial plans can become ineffective in a fleeting moment. It is important to build insurance protection into the financial planning process. By effectively structuring your insurances you are preparing yourself uncertainty of tomorrow and securing your financial future.

Aspire2 have advisers equipped with the expert knowledge and strategies to match your personal insurances with your financial goals. Working with reputable insurance providers we are able to match the client to the insurance policy that is best suited for their needs.

The types of insurance we specialise in:

  • Life Insurance & Trauma Cover
  • Total and Permanent Disability
  • Income Protection


Self-managed superannuation funds (SMSF) are the fastest growing segment of the finance industry. A SMSF provides greater flexibility and control compared to retail funds, but with this flexibility comes an increased complexity. Aspire2 wealth has advisers with the specialist knowledge to guide you through the establishment and management of a SMSF. We work with a variety of SMSF administrators to ensure you receive the best service at the lowest costs.

Retirement Planning

At Aspire2 we work with our clients to understand what their aspirations are for their retirement. We build your plan around who you are, where you want go and how you want to get there. We strive to fulfil our client’s goals and desires through effective planning and personal consideration.

We look to solve the complexity surrounding the retirement process and to make the transition as easy as possible. Our plans are structures to be read easily and understood, providing a detailed cashflows ironing out any uncertainty and answering the question “How much will I have”.

Aged Care Advice

The aged care financial services we provide in Perth include assistance in dealing with nursing home costs such as Refundable Accommodation Deposit or RAD (previously known as accommodation bond), Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP), Means Tested Care Fee, and basic daily care fees.

These fees are often complex and difficult to understand, thus causing stress for many families.

Perth Aged Care Financial Advisers specialise in giving well-thought and carefully structured aged care financial planning. It is crucial that you seek experts’ advice in this important family decision to avoid serious mistakes and to enjoy long-term benefits in return. For more information please follow the link to our website:


We partner with a boutique accounting and business advisory practice in Leederville, Aspire2 Accountants. They are dedicated to providing tailored solutions to assist clients to achieve success. The directors have over 50 years of combined experiences in the industry and therefore are well placed to help wherever needed.

Their services include Accounting, SMSF and Audit, Business Advisory, Trusts and Estates, Taxation and Tax Return Preparation.

For more information and the full list of their services, click below.

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